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New Chairman of FODC

6th June 2023

St Kevin’s College Year 8-10 Student Council was delighted to welcome the New Chairman Mr Thomas O’Reilly of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council to the St Kevin’s College Student Council Meeting. Mr O’Reilly as well as attending the full student council meeting explained the symbols on the Chairman’s Chain and let the student council members hold the chain. Mr O’Reilly was truly inspiring to these budding politicians of the future.

The St Kevin’s College Year 8-10 Student Council congratulated Mr O’Reilly on his new position.

Thomas said, ‘It was a pleasure to get the opportunity to explain a little about the role of the chair to the youth council members.’

After a very successful student council meeting our Student Council requested and designed an optional St Kevin’s College Summer Uniform. A key focus of this uniform design was to reduce the cost on parents. It will consist of the St Kevin’s College PE Top & Black Knee Length Shorts.

We are introducing our Optional Summer Uniform from tomorrow it will be the St Kevins PE Top & Plain Black Knee Length Shorts-designed by our Student Council & Year Heads. Pupils can still wear the normal uniform. The summer uniform can be worn on the 2nd day of 20oC temperature.

Pupils are able to wear the Summer Uniform from tomorrow 13th June onwards.


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