Saint Kevin's College Staff



Mr G Kelly

Vice Principal

Mrs E MacDonald

Learning Co-Ordinator

Mr K Boyle

Head of Curriculum and Careers

Mrs R Cush

Examinations and Assessment

Mrs M Leydon

Head of Learning & Teaching

Miss A Devlin

Head of KS4/5

Mr J Conlon


Offering the Support that Students need.


Ms N Beagan

Miss D Bogue

Mr A Boyle

Miss C Boyle

Mr D Callan

Mrs E Cassidy

Mrs P Caughey

Mrs S Cathcart

Mr T Collins

Mr A Convie

Mrs C Corr

Mrs C Devlin

Mr C Donnelly

Miss E Donnelly

Mrs E Edwards

Miss K Gallagher

Ms M Gallagher

Mr A Gannon

Mrs C Grue

Mrs D Hughes

Miss A Jamieson

Mr R Johnston

Mr E Lavelle

Mrs J Lavelle

Miss N Lynch

Mr N McCann

Mr J McConnell

Mrs L McEneaney

Miss M McGuinness

Mrs M McKenna

Mrs S McLaughlin

Miss O McMeel

Miss S McQuade

Mrs N McSherry

Mrs S Melarkey

Mrs B Moane

Miss S Monteith

Miss D Moynagh

Mrs J Mulgrew

Mrs L Mulligan

Mr M O'Gormlaithe

Mr M O'Hagan

Mr C O'Neill

Mr J Palmer

Mrs S Rogers

Mr D Sugrue

Miss C Ward

Mrs E Woods


Mrs C Maguire

Mr C McCarron

Mrs H Mulligan

Mrs O Neeson

Mrs P McKenna

Mr L Rice

Miss T Tierney

Mrs Y Breen


Miss A Armstrong

Miss S Beggan

Miss C Breen

Mr P Cadden

Mrs N Campbell

Mrs L Cassidy

Mrs M Cassidy

Mrs A Chartres

Miss D Coll

Miss C Conlin

Miss L Copeland

Miss C Corrigan

Mrs E Curran

Mrs M Doherty

Miss L Douglas

Mrs K Foy

Mrs S James

Mrs P Jenkins

Miss Y Lewis

Mrs E Little

Miss K Lynch

Miss D Maguire

Mrs C McAdam

Mrs N McCabe

Ms K McCaffrey

Mrs R McCaffrey

Mr B McCann

Mrs O McCombe

Mrs M McDonnell

Mrs J McGoldrick

Mrs B McGovern

Miss E McManus

Miss L McNally

Mrs A McPhillips

Mr D McQuaid

Miss E Moran

Mrs H Moran

Mrs C Morrison

Mrs K Mulligan

Mrs A Murray

Mrs C Owens

Mrs A Potter

Miss N Reihill

Mrs O Reynolds

Miss S Talbot

Miss C Woods

Mrs R Wray


Thomas O'Reilly - Chairman and EA Rep

Fr. Chester - Vice Chair Trustee Rep

Claire Fidgeon - Trustee Rep and Child Protection Governor

Brian Armitage - Trustee Rep

Yvonne Breen - Trustee Rep and Chair of Staff Commitee

Amanda Brady - EA Rep and SEN Governor

Damien O'Neill - DE Rep

Claire Fidgeon -
 Chair of PTFA

Michelle McGrory - Parent Rep

Sinead Rogers - Teacher Rep

Gary Kelly - Secretary to the Board of Governors