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Careers Information: What's Happening

The CEIAG Department in St Kevin’s College work towards;

  • Enabling our students to develop the skills necessary to make informed decisions about their education and training and employment options based on self-awareness, understanding of the relevance of their education, skills and experiences and awareness of the available pathways and opportunities (locally, nationally and internationally).

  • Providing our students with the opportunities and experiences to develop essential employability and life skills in order to become effective citizens and employees.

  • Ensuring that our students have access to good quality career education, information, advice and guidance, tailored to their individual needs, so that they are able to make informed choices.

Work Experience

  • Year 12 and Year 13 pupils participate in a Work Experience Programme. . They are carefully prepared beforehand and receive a visit from a member of staff during their week's work experience.

  • At the end of the placement, the employer provides a written report about each participant. The pupils are encouraged to assess their own performance and use it to inform their career choice.

The CEIAG programme in St Kevin’s College, covers the three areas of;

Our Careers programme cover the three area:

Self-Awareness and Development- identifying, assessing and developing the skills and qualities necessary to choose and implement an appropriate career plan.

Career Exploration - acquiring and evaluating information, and reviewing experiences to identify and investigate appropriate career pathways and learning opportunities in education, training and employment, locally, nationally and internationally.

Career Management - developing skills in career planning, and employing effective career decision-making strategies to manage transition and make suitable career development choices, with the appropriate support, advice and guidance.


St. Kevin's College is working towards achieving

the investors in careers award.

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CEIAG Calendar 2023-2024

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