Our pastoral structure encourages the provision of a wraparound support and care for all pupils.

Form teachers link in with their pupils daily. This means that a positive relationship based on mutual respect and care is nurtured. This enables our pupils to thrive within a safe and secure learning environment.

Year Heads support their Form Teachers in the monitoring of attendance, behaviour, and learning within their specific year group.

The Head of Key Stage 3, Mrs MacDonald (who is also our Vice Principal) and the Head of Key Stages 4 and 5, Mr Conlon, oversee the development, implementation and monitoring of our Personal Development Programme which enhances our pupil’s ability to problem solve, think critically, manage conflict, and to develop self-esteem and self-discipline.

Our Nurture Co-ordinator, Mrs Orla McCombe, provides additional support within the ‘Positivity Pod’, a designated area within the school where pupils participate in additional activities to further enhance self-confidence and independence.

Our SENCO, Mr Boyle, liaises closely with key stakeholders to ensure that the personal and academic targets of our pupils are achieved.

Our School Counsellor, Seana (Family Works) is equipped with the expertise necessary to provide professional support and care to our students.

The Educational Welfare Officer, Lee McDaid, is responsible for the review of attendance and the provision of support to pupils and their parents/carers in maintaining good standards of attendance.

Our Head Boy, Enda McCabe and Head Girl, Erin Wray along with their deputies, provide leadership, support and guidance to our pupils.

Our School Council ensures that our pupil’s voices are heard.


Safeguarding (Child Protection)

The Board of Governors and staff at St Kevin’s College recognise that everyone, including pupils, has a full and active part to play in protecting all from harm.

We strive to protect our pupils through the implementation of a Preventative Curriculum which gives our pupils the knowledge and skills they need to keep themselves safe.

Our Child Protection Policy seeks to safeguard and protect our pupils, by ensuring that all who work in the school know exactly the action which is required where abuse or neglect of a child is suspected.


Complaints Procedure

To ensure that the best interests of our pupils are addressed, St Kevin’s College is committed to working in partnership with our parents/carers.

The complaints procedure is designed to establish clear guidelines as to how a complaint can be quickly but effectively resolved. We will use the information disclosed within the complaints procedure to further improve our service.