St. Kevin’s College Parent Teacher Friends Association (PTFA)


Whether you’re new to St Kevin’s and your child is in Year 8 or if you’ve been with us for a while, what better way could there be to meet other parents/carers than to get involved with the fun events that we hold here throughout the year?

One of our key objectives is to formulate a variety of events such as end of term colour runs, Christmas shows, and community tractor runs. We aim to use the funds to help enhance the learning experience for our students. The main aim of the PTA will be to improve the advance of education for all the children at St. Kevin’s College and also promote positive relationships between home and school whilst working closely with our hopeful mind ambassadors.


We understand that not everyone is available, but we are looking for active committee members who would be willing to attend approximately once a term and contribute at meetings, share their opinions/thoughts, work with the school and also plan and participate in fundraising events. 

If you are interested in actively participating as a member of the school’s new PTFA committee group, please email us an expression of interest at: