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Ski Trip 2024

17th February 2024

Our Junior Ski Trip left for the slopes today - they where happy to be leaving the rain behind!

Wishing you a safe flight - check back for all the updates!

Day 1

We have been enjoying the food with everyone cleaning their plates this morning at breakfast. The slopes have been great today - plenty of snow and lots of tea breaks for the staff too!

Day 2

Day 2 brought with it lots of sunshine and lots of ski-ing for our staff and students we are delighted to see the skills the students are learning! We are looking forward to alot more during the week!

Day 3

Our Ski trip was hitting new heights today as our beginners improve and our advanced are getting higher on the slopes - we even had time for a wee trip out in the evening!

Day 4

We went on the ice today for a change, there were a few bumps along the way but it was great fun with both students and staff taking part, we are progressing well and learning lots of new skills!

Well done to all our Students and Staff who took part in the Junior Ski Trip 2024 - this video has been put together of the highlights from the trip!

Ski Trip registration for next years trip is now open - contact the school office to register your child for a place on the 2025 trip!


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