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Autism NI Impact Award

23rd January 2024

We are delighted to have achieved the Autism NI Impact Award - we as a staff and student body have worked tirelessly to ensure that an Autism aware environment is nurtured. We have recently installed our sensory room to facilitate senses especially on regulating proprioception and vestibular senses to support students. This is not exclusive to children with autism, our school nurse or a support member of staff can assist others to use the room if a little break is required from a busy or stressful day.

We have also implemented colour coded timetables and visuals around the school as well as staff training for both support staff and teachers and organized student assemblies. Our student communication passports and timeout cards are proving to be particularly useful. The introduction of Pluto our new therapy dog has also reduced stress levels and improved learning outcomes.


Pictured below with our new award is Mr M McConnell, Ms E MacDonald, Keeley, Ms L McEneaney, Cassie, Aine, Mr T O'Reilly, Alex, Mr G Kelly, Lily, Ms K Gallagher, Holli, Ms C Maguire, Ella-Rose and Brianna.

Pictured receiving our Autism NI Award


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