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Allergy Education provided by QUB

6th November 2023

Allergy Act is partnering with Queen’s University Belfast for the first ever Allergy Retreat on the

island of Ireland.

Who can register? Parents/Caregivers & Children

When? 18th November 2023 10am

Where? Queen’s University Belfast

We're excited to provide a unique and informative educational experience, featuring expert speakers

including Psychologists | Patient advocates | Healthcare Professionals


We're hosting this allergy event to address the pressing need for increased awareness and support

for families dealing with allergies. With allergies on the rise, it's crucial to provide education,

resources, and a sense of community for those affected. Our goal is to empower individuals and

families with the knowledge and tools to manage allergies effectively and improve their overall

quality of life.

Find all the information here to access the tool kit and you can fill in the form to register here.


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