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Google Reference School

We are delighted to have been awarded the Google Reference School, one of only a handful in Northern Ireland this is because of the use of Google within our school. We have excelled and continue to use this wonderful technology which is intergrated into the C2K network to deliver the best for our students!


At St. Kevin’s College we have embraced the Google Suite in order to enhance the learning and teaching here at the college. 


Teachers have received training in relation to a variety of elements found in the G Suite. 


Pupils and staff are able to connect and collaborate effortlessly with one another by co-editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time. Google Meet connects our pupils, classroom assistants and teachers to teach, support and learn from anywhere. 


Google Classroom allows pupils and teachers and pupils to easily access and organise work, complete assignments, fill in forms and test knowledge using quizzes.


Training and Support

Teachers and Support Staff attended training with certified Google Trainer Jim Nelson in order to further develop their skills and knowledge of the G Suite and how best to utilise Google for Education tools. Staff have focused on developing their use of Google Meet, Sheets, Sites. Docs and Gmail. This training is another example of how the staff at St.Kevin’s College have focused on developing the skills and knowledge to help support our pupils by utilising technology. Well done to all who took part in this professional development.


Here at St.Kevin’s College we are proud to say many of our staff have demonstrated their proficiency and are recognised for their expertise with the Educator Level 1 certification.


At present our teachers and support staff who have achieved Google Educator Level 1 are:



Mrs B McGovern

Mrs A Charters

Miss L Douglas

Miss E Moran

Mr J Conlon

Mrs S Rogers

Mrs L McEneaney

Mrs M Leydon

Miss C McDonald

Miss S Monteith

Mrs R Cush

Miss T Tierney

Mrs C Morrison

Ms O McMeel

Ms K Lynch

Mrs E Little

Mrs R McCaffrey

Mrs C Owens

Mrs E MacDonald

Mrs K Foy

Mrs E Edwards

Mrs M McKenna

Ms N Beagan

Ms M McGuinness

Ms S Beggan

Mrs M McDonnell

Ms A Thompson

Mrs C Morrison

Ms O McMeel

Ms K Lynch

Those who have proceeded and obtained both Google Educator Level 1 and Level 2 are:


Mrs C Maguire

Mrs L Mulligan

Pupil Support

Training has been provided to our pupils by their form teachers at the beginning of the academic year. Building on this, our Head of Learning and Teaching has also provided training videos and support within form classes in relation to the use of Google Meet and Google Jamboard. This training allows teachers to help our pupils to submit their best work with the range of tools made available to them through The G Suite for education. 


If a pupil is experiencing any issues whilst using Google G Suite please contact our ICT technician by emailing : or phone 028 67721417 and choose extension 3.

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