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Today we met Lexi!

19th October 2023

St Kevin’s College Pupils, Staff, Chairman of Governors Thomas O’Reilly and Principal were delighted to welcome Lexi the Therapy Dog to St Kevin’s College. Lexi is a fully trained therapy dog and visited many classes and pupils around the school. Lexi even paid a visit to the Student Council whose idea it was to get a Therapy Dog for the school.

Lexi made a massive impression on all the pupils and staff she met.

Principal Gary Kelly said we in St Kevin’s College have great plans for our own therapy dog and it was great to see what an impact a therapy dog has around the school, he also thanks ADNI for all their help and assistance with our efforts with a therapy dog especially Geraldine McGaughey. We are looking forward to exciting times ahead. Lucas had a big thumbs up for Lexi and even presented Lexi with a new dog toy.

You can also see what James had to say about Lexi!


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