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Pluto meets Lexi

3rd May 2024

Pluto has been busy in training with Lexi who you will remember visited us a couple of months ago as we embarked on our journey with Assistance Dogs NI.

The pups in training are focusing on desensitizing- this is the skill of staying calm in different situations or if for example a Student with SEN were to grab him, he wouldn't react. 


Pluto has also completed the basics, sit, lay down, walking at heel, automatic sit when her handler Kirsty stops walking, food refusal and recall - coming when called. 


His latest trick he is starting is putting a treat on his paw and he won't eat it until told. Good boy Pluto!


Part of the training is getting him introduced in social situations and he gets an A* in that as he loves getting in every morning to see the pupils-tail wagging as he walks through the door - Pluto also celebrated his half birthday this week!


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