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New Driver Pledge

29th September 2023

Emma Duffy joined us today to talk to our Year 13's about safe motoring in a presentation with the aim to educate all new drivers and passengers on making safe motoring decisions. All students were also given a free New Driver NI magazine packed with everything from getting on the road to staying safe once there and they have a chance of winning up to £4,000 by signing the New Driver pledge.

The New Driver pledge is an initiative which aims to make the roads of Northern Ireland a safer place for everyone and includes the following 5 rules.

  1. Respect the Speed Limit!

  2. No Mobile While Mobile!

  3. Never Drive When Tired!

  4. Not a Drop, Not a Drag!

  5. Belt Up, Front & Back!

Emma Duffy at New Driver Safety Ambassadors commented “The programme has been run for over seven years now and is growing each year. Feedback from both schools, teachers and students is very positive and making the New Driver pledge is a commitment to being as safe as possible on the roads.”

For more information and access to the New Driver NI magazine see


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