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New Building Project!

3rd June 2024

We are delighted with the wonderful news released by the Education Minister that the St Kevin’s College New Building Project has got the Green Light and Funding from the Department of Education to be build in 2024/25.


The New School Building at St Kevin’s College is so needed.  The pupil number in St Kevin’s College has increased from 520 pupils in 2017 to 780 pupils in 2024.  This expansion in pupil numbers is a result of the excellent exam results the college achieves and the fantastic curriculum provision and teaching the teachers provide.


The New building will include state of the Art Facilities in Technology, Computers, Engineering, Drama, Music & the Arts to name but a few.  It will ensure that the College can grow even bigger in terms of curriculum provision and outcomes for pupils.


The Chairman of the Board of Governor Thomas O’Reilly and Principal Gary Kelly said they would especially like to thank all the members of the Board of Governors and Officials from the Department of Education for their hard work and efforts in making this new Building a reality.



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