Here at Saint Kevin's College we aim to promote the core values of Respect, Compassion, Justice, Community, a belief in the power and place of prayer and worship in the school community, the dignity and worth of all and a commitment to excellence.

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COVID 19 Updates

St Kevin’s College has a number of Home COVID Testing Kits


These COVID Testing Kits are only to be used for parents who have no transport and are unable to get to a COVID Testing Centre


The procedure is –


  1. The Parent Collects a COVID Testing Kits from the school.

  2. Parent Books a Courier using the number provided in the COVID Testing Kits

  3. The parent carries out COVID Test on child using kit - 1 hour before the courier arrived

  4. Courier collects COVID Testing Kit in a Cold Box for NHS

  5. Parent is informed of result in 24-48 hours.

  6. Please not it can take 2-3 days wait before you may get a courier booked to collect a Home COVID Testing Kits.

  7. It is much quicker to book a covid test at one of the COVID Testing Centres



Gary Kelly




Subject to Department of Finance approval, direct payments in lieu of free school meals will be made in respect of pupils in year groups that are not required to attend school and continue to learn remotely from home.  Where pupils are required to attend school, school meals services will operate as normal


Direct payments in lieu of free school meals will not be made in respect of pupils in year groups that are required to attend school as these pupils will receive free school meals at school for the period they are required to attend. Those required to attend but who are unable to do so, on medical or PHA advice, for covid-19 related reasons (eg self-isolation) should be offered a food parcel as was the position from September – December 2020.


Free school meals should not be provided to key workers’ children and vulnerable children entitled to free school meals when at school for supervised learning as their parents will receive a direct payment.


Any pupil at school who wishes, including vulnerable children and children of key workers, may purchase a meal where school meals services are operating as normal for the period pupils are required to attend, otherwise they should bring a packed lunch.


Schools should however provide food on humanitarian grounds for any child who presents to school hungry as is normal practice. There are established procedures for this and schools have flexibility in how they do this.


Trust this will be helpful.

Food in Schools Team


St. Kevin’s College is a school which aims to create a happy, caring and respectful atmosphere where our  students have the opportunity to   develop all their skills and talents so that they can walk away from us in 5 – 7 years time with high self-esteem, with qualifications and the

self-confidence to face the adult world.


The purpose of the baseline monitoring inspection was to evaluate the school’s action to effect improvement and its impact on learning and teaching and outcomes for pupils.

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ETI Inspection report.

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Effective parent engagement in schools is key to success and the SIMS Parent app is the ideal parental engagement solution. Building on the popular SIMS Learning Gateway, it provides a convenient and accessible way for schools to communicate with parents on all aspects of school life. 

Parents with more than one child attending the same school can easily access grouped information on their children via the app. It's easy to use and accessible from a smart phone, tablet or PC. It uses SIMS ID, a secure single sign-on function so schools don’t need to manage logins.


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