What is the Mentoring Department?

The Mentoring Department at St. Kevin’s is a recently-implemented system which involves removing students from a whole-class setting once / twice a week, and instead working on a one-to-one basis with teachers to focus particularly on exam preparation.

Mentors work together with class teachers, form teachers, families and of course students themselves in order to identify who would benefit from structured, individually-targeted support with their studies, particularly in the crucial areas of Maths and English. We then identify gaps in the students’ timetables and provide them with one-to-one or small group sessions with the Mentors, focusing on any areas the students may be struggling with, ensuring students have the skills and confidence to tackle any task or challenge they might face in those all-important exams. Because the sessions are delivered in small groups or one-to-one, Mentors are able to tailor everything for the students individually, allowing them to work at their own pace to really develop their skills and learning.

Who are the Mentors at St. Kevin’s?

We currently have three full-time Mentors at St. Kevin’s, as well as two part-time. All Mentors are fully-qualified teachers, and specialists in their subject area. They liaise with other staff members as well as senior leadership on an ongoing basis to ensure best practice and cohesion across subject areas, as well as continually assessing pupil progress to ensure those who would most benefit from mentoring are included in the programme. We provide Mentors for English, Maths and also for more general subject support for students who may be struggling to meet their targets.

How are students selected for the Mentoring Programme?

Students can be identified for the Mentoring Programme in a variety of ways:

  • Underachieving in exams;

  • Period of absence from school due to illness or family circumstances;

  • Identified by class teachers as struggling to keep up with certain tasks in class.

Students’ progress on the mentoring scheme is then assessed on an ongoing basis, meaning that they can stay on it for as long as is beneficial for them, or return to a whole-class setting as appropriate.





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English Mentor