Online/Distance Learning Contingency Plan

Our teachers and support staff have been extremely busy adapting their teaching style to suit the needs of our learners at this ambiguous time. Please find an update with regards our Teaching and Learning contingency plan below, which will go live from Monday 23rd March.

As part of our contingency plan, our Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils will use Google Classroom. All Key Stage Three pupils should follow the weekly schedule that will be uploaded to our school website. A link will be sent to parents each week and the project outlines will be posted on the website also.


Key Stage 4 & 5

As part of our contingency plan, our Key Stage Five pupils will use Google Classroom and Google Hangout in order to receive a blend of instructional feedback and live learning. Please watch the video below in order to learn more about Google Hangout.  If you are unsure of the Google Classroom Code please contact Ms Tierney who will link with the teacher and let you know the relevant codes:

Key stage 4/5 

Please follow your current timetable and link with teachers to receive the relevant codes for any scheduled Google Hangout sessions.

KS3 Schedule Timetable

KS3 Weekly Schedules



St Kevin’s College is a member of ‘The PiXL Club’ – a not-for-profit partnership of over 1,600 secondary schools, 500 sixth forms, 600 primary schools and 75 providers of alternative education.

Through our PiXL Club membership and collaboration with other members, our teaching staff gain access to a range of valuable learning resources which are utilised for the benefit of our students.

Our staff also gain access to a forum in which they can share their own resources with other members and participate in discussions surrounding the future and changes within teaching and learning.



Year 12 pupils recently completed Walking Talking Mocks in order to prepare for their GCSE examinations. Departments have been incorporating a range of strategies into their planning in order to help support pupils as the examination dates approach. 


The PiXL Walking Talking Mock (WTM) addresses the two key issues of motivation and confidence. The WTM is a PiXL strategy to impact ALL students in any subject area. Students are guided through a full examination paper by a member of staff who provides verbal and visual support to enable students to successfully answer all questions under exam conditions. For many students, this experience of fully completing an examination is a first and the benefits this has to their gains in knowledge and ambition are significant. 


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