Technology and Design provides opportunities to undertake design and technological problems that meet human needs within a range of contexts, such as, home, school, recreation, community, business and industry. It is concerned primarily with the design and manufacture of quality products.  

Through studying Technology and Design students


  • Use imagination and develop skills of creativity and critical analysis through making links between existing solutions, technological knowledge and the principles of good design;

  • Communicate design ideas and decisions using a range of media and techniques;

  • Use a broad range of materials, components and technologies, as well as practical skills, to develop and produce high quality, imaginative and functional prototypes;

  • Consider aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social dimensions when engaged in design and making;

  • Consider the costs in the making and marketing of products;

  • Apply health and safety procedures to ensure safe working practices;

  • Analyse and develop existing products and develop practical solutions to needs, wants and opportunities, recognising their impact on quality of life;

  • Develop decision-making skills through individual and collaborative working;

  • Apply appropriate technology and design terminology;

  • Understand that designing and making reflect and influence cultures and societies, and that products have an impact on lifestyle; and combine skills with knowledge and understanding in order to make quality products.