Saint Kevin's College Positivity Pod

What is the Positivity pod?

· The Positivity pod is a Nurture Group can accommodate individuals or small groups at any one time in an unconventional classroom. It is used to help students engage in the day to day running of St Kevin’s College.

· A safe place that help young people to cope with the demands of school and develop the skills and confidence need to participate in school.

· It provides opportunities to return to activities associated with an earlier developmental stage in order to develop social and emotional skills, such as craft, games, gardening and cooking.

The pod works around the  Six principles of Nurture Groups, which are:

· Students’ learning is understood and responded to developmentally

· Nurture Room offers a safe and predictable environment where adults are reliable and set firm boundaries

· Students are valued and responded to as individuals to support their self-esteem

· Language is a vital means of communication

· All behavior is communication

· Transition is important


Who would benefit?

Students who need extra help to settle and listen or build their self-confidence will benefit from this intervention. These students are shown how to self-regulate their emotions. 

Who runs the Nurture Group?

The group is planned and delivered by Heidi McSheffrey, our Pod Co-coordinator . Heidi works closely with Mrs. MacDonald Pastoral Vice Principal and the rest of the school pastoral care team.

What happens at the Nurture Group?

The Nurture Group sessions happen during a regular timetabled slot and follow a similar structure of activities each week to provide a safe, predictable setting.


Contact us:

If you want any more information contact Mrs MacDonald by ringing the school

on 028 67721417 or pupils can contact Heidi through Google Hangouts and adding her

email address (Click on the link to the right).


028 67721417

Derryree, Lisnaskea,

BT92 0LA