The Key Stage 3 Mathematics curriculum at St Kevin’s builds on the achievements of 11-year-olds at Key Stage 2 and aims to develop key skills in number, algebra, shape and space and handling data.

Our curriculum is planned to engage our pupils through the use of interesting and relevant topics and nurture an ability of good problem solving through investigative work.

Topics covered include; Arithmetic, Geometry, formulae, Averages and Probability.


GCSE Mathematics is compulsory for all at GCSE level.

Pupils will study all aspects of the GCSE Mathematics Curriculum:

Algebra, Handling Data, Number and Geometry.

They will have to apply this knowledge to answer some process based and problem solving questions, as well as explaining and justifying certain answers.

GCSE Further Mathematics: This is optional and is suited to pupils completing Higher GCSE Mathematics and wishing to continue onto A-Level Mathematics.

Pupils will cover topics relating to Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics and how they can be applied to the world around us and how it assists in terms of employment.


Hard work, effort, commitment, determination and accurate listening are just some of the non-exhaustive list of qualities associated with Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Problem-solving, logical thought, analysis of information, effective questioning and retention of important facts are part of the skills that would be acquired and developed through mathematics.

Mathematics can lead to employment in numerous fields including Engineering, Technology, ICT, Insurance, Accountancy, Telecommunication, Retail, Banking, Finance, Aeronautical, Health, Pharmaceutical, Transport.


A-Level Mathematics: A study of Mathematical concepts, such as, the Pure elements of Algebra and Shape and Space, as well as the applied study of Mechanics and Statistics and how mathematics has an effect on everyday life.

A-Level Mathematics students need to be self-motivated as extra effort and work are an integral part of the course. An interest in the subject and a commitment to work are however the most desirable criteria as it will prepare leavers for the challenges of third level and the world of work.

A B grade or higher at GCSE Mathematics is essential for the study of A-Level Mathematics, with GCSE Further Mathematics desirable.

Leaver Destinations: - Teaching, Retail, Accounts, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering.