Through studying this specification, students gain knowledge and understanding of:

 •diversity, social inclusion, rights and responsibilities;

•the role of government and non-governmental organisations in protecting people’s rights;

•democratic institutions and processes;

•how to maximise physical and mental health and well-being;

•relationships and sexuality;

•to be a discerning consumer

•the impact of globalisation on employment;

•recruitment and selection procedures;


•the work environment; and

•the social responsibility of businesses.


This course provide students with the skills they require to think independently, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action when faced with personal, social, economic and employment issues.

In year 8,9 and 10 pupils are taught:

  1. Education for Employability

  2. Home Economics

  3. Local and Global Citizenship

  4. Personal Development

At KS3 pupils are studying topics that:

  • helps them develop as individuals and members of society;

  • delivers the skills and capabilities needed for adult life and work;

  • helps them cope with the changing global economy; and

  • helps them learn how to make informed choices.

LLW contributes directly to developing the young person as:

an individual;

  • a contributor to society; and

  • a contributor to the economy and environment.

Pupils in Year 10 will be afforded the opportunity to undertake an OCN qualification alongside their Citizenship studies.



All pupils will study GCSE CCEA Learning for Life and Work in 4th and 5th Year. This is a mandatory subject. Over the course of the two years, pupils will complete 3 examinations – worth 20% each and complete 1 piece of controlled assessment worth 40%.

Examination topics are:

  1. Local and Global Citizenship

  2. Personal Development

  3. Employability

The revised GCSE in Learning for Life and Work engages students in exploring social, personal, economic and employment issues. Topics include diversity and inclusion, causes of conflict, human rights, social responsibility, job interview preparation and entrepreneurship. Students deepen their understanding of the connections between local, national and global issues. The specification helps students to develop confidence in thinking independently about these issues by critically challenging accepted views and assumptions. It equips them to make informed decisions and take appropriate courses of action.

​This specification also provides students with transferable skills such as creative thinking, analytical problem solving and effective teamwork.