The Languages Department within Saint Kevin’s College offers three languages at KS3, GCSE and A Level including French, Irish and Spanish. The Department aims to provide a positive and fruitful experience to those to engage with the many benefits of language learning including;

  • Discover and investigate the many pathways which language learning provides.

  • Appreciation of other cultures, heritages and backgrounds.

  • Enhance communication skills of students.

  • Provide and encourage a positive outlook towards language learning and the central importance of language learning in an ever growing multi-cultural society.


At Key Stage Three students are given the opportunity to learn and explore French, Irish and Spanish. Students are encouraged to develop in the skills areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students are provided with active learning opportunities to gain confidence and skills in these areas.

Students will explore and engage with a range of topics and areas within their study of languages from Year 8-10 in preparation for the current GCSE Specification.

Opportunities with Languages

Students will be given opportunities both internally and externally to further their knowledge and appreciation of languages including.

  • Franocfest

  • Gael Linn Quiz

  • French / Gaeltacht / Spanish Trip

  • Feis Lios na Scéithe

  • Feis Inis Ceithleann

  • Film days

  • European Day of Languages

  • Seachtain na Gaeilge

  • Fainne Exam and Presentation


Students who choose to study languages will follow the current GCSE CCEA courses in their chosen language. The course content is as follows.

  • Context for Learning 1: Identity, Lifestyle and Culture;

  • Context for Learning 2: Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; and

  • Context for Learning 3: School Life, Studies and the World of Work.


The course is assed across the four assessment objectives and are available at both higher and lower tiers.

•        Unit 1: Listening (Non tiered)                  25% of overall GCSE Grade

•        Unit 2: Speaking                         25% of overall GCSE Grade

•        Unit 3: Reading                                    25% of overall GCSE Grade

•        Unit 4: Writing.                                    25% of overall GCSE Grade


Students will be graded in line with the current CCEA GCSE Grading System A*-C.

Languages and Careers

Many students who study languages follow a wide and varied range of Career pathways. Languages are appreciated by both prospective employers and Universities as a vital skill. Some courses require a language as a prerequisite for entry of courses in Ireland and the UK. Languages are a very versatile and useful subject to have as they develop an appreciation of other cultures and ethnicities which are key to a multi-cultural society which we live in.

What skills do I gain from Languages?

There are many skills which students can develop by studying languages. These skills include;

  • Greater communication skills

  • Problem solving

  • Working independently

  • Self-management

Where can languages lead me?

Many students who study languages follow a varied range of employment and training routes as languages are a very adaptable and valuable subject.



Qualities gained from subject





Investigative skills

Emotional Intelligence



Appreciation of a growing global society

Skills gained from subject

Listening for gist and understanding

Communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Tolerance and appreciation of other cultures and ethnicities

Lateral Thinking

Non-verbal intelligence

Greater memory skills

University Courses:

Queen’s University Belfast

  • BA in French/ Spanish/ Irish                   

  • Law with language                                       

  • Accountancy with language                         

  • Economics with language                            

  • International Business with language          

Ulster University     

  • Language and Linguistics                        

  • Speech and Language Therapist   

  • Law + language                                    

  • Accounting + language                 

  • Business Studies + language                   

  • Management Studies + language             

  • Marketing + language                            

  • History + language                               

  • Music + language                                   

  • Irish Language and Literature               

  • Modern Irish                                       

  • Irish with Computing                  

Employment Opportunities

  • Law

  • Education

  • ICT

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Youth Work

  • Translation

  • Interpreting

  • Counsellor

  • Journalism

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Civil Service

  • ICT and Social Networking


Training Opportunities

•        Northern Ireland Broadcast Training in Irish.

•        Irish Radio Broadcast training.

•        Flex Language Graduate Training Programme.

•        ALTRAM Irish Medium Educational Training.

•        Gael chúrsaí Training in a wide range of subjects via Irish.