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ICT Help

We all know there are times when the ICT skills we have could be improved upon! We are here to help - with everything that is going on and the need now for schooling at home we will make this as easy as possible!


If there is anything you need you can contact the

ICT Technician at:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Download Microsoft Office for free!

Yes please! Pupils can download, free of charge, full copies of Microsoft Office

for PC or Mac for use on up to 5 personal devices in 4 easy steps:

1. Visit

2. Enter your C2k Username in the format

3. At the next box re-enter your C2k username and your password

4. Click Install Office to download the version of MS Office you require

Once downloaded it will be available until the student leaves school!


Accessing Google Classroom

Pupils need to ensure they are logging in with their C2K Google account - the prefix is usually and your C2K Password.


This is also the case for Google Meets - Students need to be signed into their C2K Google account and not their Personal one! 

Please go to and ensure you are signed into your C2K account! 

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Some Useful Apps!


Google Classroom

Keeping everything in it's place! Download onto your phone so you never miss anything!


Google Drive

Always useful for uploading larger files to send to teachers and between devices!


Oxford English Dictionary

Look up those words on the go!



Student app for quizzing and assessment.



A handwriting app made by EverNote, allowing users to write with a digital pen and upload the work to any device.


BBC Bitesize

The app has material for all school years and all ages, and the information is all tailored towards the National Curriculum.



This organiser do-it-all app allows you to manage to-do lists, scan business cards, receipts, documents, and handwritten notes, plus record voice memos.

Apps to Avoid!



We have all heard stories - this is one App which can be used for bullying and destroying a students personal worth!

Apps to Avoid!


House Party

This group video chat app lets students get into conversations with people they don’t know - users can also save screenshots without the consent of other participants

Apps to Avoid!



The app is rated ages 17+ but Tinder's privacy policy allows teens as young as 13 to register. 

The geo-location features and anonymous nature of the app put kids at risk for sexual harassment, stalking, and worse.

Apps to Avoid!


The app is rated ages 13+. It can be used for hurtful 

cyberbullying that has been linked to suicides.