Board: AQA

The A Level Dance course is divided into three main areas; performance, choreography and critical engagement. The course involves studying Dance in both practical and academic contexts. Technical training, predominantly in contemporary dance will focus on developing physical and performance skills.  This A Level option is available to those pupils who display previous experience in relation to dance and who are combining the study of Dance with Performing Arts. 

Year One Course Content 

You will be engaging in practical classes to develop your technical, performance and creative skills. You will also have theoretical discussions and seminars where you will be engaged in dance analysis and contextualisation of professional dance works. You will be looking at a variety of practitioners and their works and develop your understanding of the choreographic process of professional and your own work. The focus of your theory will be the origins and contextualisation of American Modern Dance and Rambert Dance company. You will develop a solo performance based on a chosen practitioner from the set areas of study.


Year Two Course Content 

In the second year you will be assessed on choreographing a group dance, dancing as a solo performer and within a quartet. You will be looking at a set work and area of study in depth and be engaged in a variety of theoretical study leading to a written exam at the end of your course. Throughout the two years you will be encouraged to develop your ability to work with others in a creative and productive way, develop a positive sense of self image and an understanding of wellbeing and health. 

Subject Modules and Assessment

Component 1: Performance and Choreography

Practical Exam – Choreography (Group) and Performance (Solo & Group)

50% of A Level

Component 2: Critical Engagement

Written Paper (2.5hrs) – 50% of A Level


Career Options

  • Dancer

  • Choreographer 

  • Dance Therapist 

  • Movement Coach 

  • Creative Arts Industry