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The GCSE Business Studies specification provides students with a unique insight into the world of work. students learn about how businesses start up, resources they need, marketing, finance, challenges they face and how they grow. Students also explore the role of stakeholders – groups that have an interest in a business – as well as human resources, the recruitment and selection process, and the value of training and motivation for employees. Additional and current topics include the role of social enterprise, e-business and m-business, discovering how businesses can use electronic and mobile technology in different ways. Students gain the opportunity to develop those transferable and essential skills demanded in all employment sectors including problem solving, working with others, communication and organisation.

On completing the GCSE in Business students can continue their study of Business in St. Kevin’s College at A level in an environment they know and confident in learning. A qualification in Business Studies can lead to a career in accounting, advertising, banking, retail, management consulting, marketing, research, human resources, a small business, or self-employment as an entrepreneur.

GCSE Business Studies has three units with assessment through two written exams, each worth 40% of the final mark, and a controlled assessment unit (CAU) worth 20%.

  • Unit 1: Starting a Business - Exam

  • Unit 2: Developing a Business - Exam

  • Unit 3: Planning a Business – CAU



GCE A-Level Business Studies is a two-year course. Students do have the option to can take the AS course as a final qualification in or the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification.  Business Studies gives students an invaluable insight into how organisations meet the discerning needs of stakeholders in a constantly changing environment. Students discover how businesses operate and engage in the decision-making and risk-taking processes at all levels in the organisation. Students develop a greater awareness of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities that organisations and individuals face as they conduct their business. Students do not have to have a GCSE in Business Studies to purse GCE A- level Business.

GCE A Level Business Studies is externally assessed through written examinations. AS makes up 40% of the final GCE A-Level Grade with A2 Units making up the remainder 60%.

AS Unit 1: Introduction to Business 1 hour 30 minutes 

AS Unit 2: Growing the Business 1 hour 30 minutes.

A2 Unit  1: Strategic Decision Making  2 hours

A2 Unit 2: The Competitive Business Environment 2 hours 


Why chose A Level Business Studies? This subject will provide students with the opportunity to develop valuable transferable skills necessary for further and higher education courses or to become valued employees including problem solving, working with others and independently with initiative, communication, and leadership.  The subject of Business Studies is versatile and offers an excellent foundation for a diverse range of careers including marketing, finance, accountancy, management, human resource management or self-employment. Business Studies as an A level has also allowed students to gain entry into the courses and employment outside its specific field including Health, Education and IT.