The Art and Design Department in St. Kevin’s seeks to develop an understanding of the important contribution art makes to society in general and to us as individuals. Each year group has opportunities to develop their work in a range of media whilst being introduced to a variety of art materials and techniques.  



The KS3 Art and Design curriculum covers a range of skills based processes. Lessons incorporate a range of practical work, group discussions, independent and group work and ICT to allow access to all students, as well as providing opportunities for formative and summative assessment.


Pupils have opportunities to explore a range of materials and techniques to improve drawing and observational skills, and encourage them to work creatively with a range of media to record ideas.

Pupils are encouraged to explore and gain an understanding of the environment, context and cultures, and to research various artists, designers and crafts persons. Through this research they develop and demonstrate their literacy skills as well as their use of visual language.


All pupils in Key Stage 3 have 2 lessons of Art and Design each week.


Exam Board; CCEA

Examination series; Summer


GCSE Art and Design provides opportunities to actively engage in the creative process of art, craft and design to develop as an effective and independent learner.  Pupils have the freedom to explore many processes throughout the two components of this course. Core knowledge, understanding and skills are developed through exploratory work and the research of others’ work.


GCSE students develop their own ideas and interests within structured units of work. Students show that they understand how images and artefacts relate to social, historical, vocational and cultural contexts through research.


Component 1 - 60%

Part A: Exploratory Portfolio

Controlled Assessment- internally set and assessed- externally moderated by CCEA


Part B: Investigating the Creative and Cultural Industries

Controlled Assessment- internally set and assessed- externally moderated by CCEA


Component 2 - 40%

Externally Set Assignment- Controlled Assessment- externally set, internally assessed and externally moderated by CCEA


All pupils in Key Stage 4 have 5 lessons of Art and Design each week.

Assessment takes place at the end of year 12.


Exam Board; CCEA

Examination series; Summer

Students can take the AS course as a final qualification or the AS units plus the A2 units for the full GCE A Level qualification. It is designed to continue to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in GCSE Art and Design and at Key Stage 3; and provide a sound basis for progression to higher education courses in Art and Design or study related to other areas of the creative and cultural industries.


There are four units of work- two at AS Level and two at A2 Level.

AS 1; Experimental Portfolio- Students develop explore and record ideas

AS2; Personal Response- Students produce a final outcome

A2 1; Personal and Critical Investigation- Students produce a written (1000- 2000 word) investigation and a practical response

A2 2; Thematic outcome- Students produce a final outcome


A Level Art and Design pupils have 10 lessons each week.

Careers in Art & Design

Students of Art and Design develop valuable transferable skills, which are sought after by many colleges, universities and employers. These include creativity, problem solving, resilience, imagination and innovation. This subject promotes independent learning, personal development and motivation, and the ability to find alternative routes and take risks. A wide range of STEAM careers now require creative, artistic and design skills.


The creative and cultural industries are a fast growing area of the economy. Possible careers include;




Fashion design

Car design


Costume design

Special effects



Graphic design

Interior design



Software design,

Video games design.