A-Level Accounting is a two-year course.

The specification emphasises both financial accounting and the recording of past events, and management accounting as a means of planning and decision making. Students will develop an understanding of the principles of ethical behaviour which inform the actions of all those working within an accounting environment. This Accounting course equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to assess the performance of all types of business organisations. It will enable you to effectively analyse and evaluate financial data so that you can make judgements, decisions and recommendations about how businesses can manage their financial affairs.


  • A two-year linear course.

  • Financial Accounting (50% of A Level)

  • Management Accounting (50% of A Level)

  • Two three hour exams at the end of Year 14.

  • 120 marks available on each paper:

  • Section A – 10 multiple choice questions and several short answer questions (30 marks)

  • Section B – two structured questions each worth 20 marks (40 marks)

  • Section C – two extended answer questions each worth 25 Marks (50 marks)

Course Requirements:

  • Working independently is essential

  • Good attendance

  • 5 GCSE’s A* - C including:

  • B GCSE Maths

  • C GCSE English

Additional Information:

Why choose GCE Accounting? Many students who take accounting go on to university and become qualified accountants, working for accountancy practices or within an organisation. With a few years’ experience, some accountants then decide to start their own practice. But your financial expertise can support a wide number of other careers. For example, you could work in local government if you like politics or for a phone company if you like communications technology. Perhaps you’d like to work in general management, banking, retail or leisure - money is the common denominator. With accounting skills you could end up working in just about any area you choose.